the fancam was built to be completely customizable
each and every element can be adjusted to
align perfectly with the client’s message
making it a powerful addition to any integrated marketing campaign

social reach

creating something that is easy to share is … easy
creating something that is worthy to share … not so much
because the fancam is about the fan, shareworthiness comes as a standard feature
and social reach is a natural spin-off

beyond the event

more than any other existing tool, the fancam brings fans
back to the event
the experience is relived and re-shared,
creating the opportunity for brands to connect with fans in a new and exciting way

targeted digital content

fancam provides fans with an immersive experience that is share-worthy
it is completely customizable and seamlessly integrates with existing marketing strategies
allowing brands the opportunity to extend their reach beyond the event itself

As one of the leading brands on the social platform, it is important that we identify new opportunities of content creation which the consumers can engage with. This leads to a positive interaction with the brand. The Vodafone Fancam digital activity meets this objective and has been launched during IPL, an ideal platform of scale to deliver high consumer engagement with the brand.

- Basant Dhawan, General Manager-Media, Vodafone India.